Digital Document Management – A Brief Overview

Many companies across the world have already made the transition to digital document management from relying on paper-based documents, but many, many others haven’t. This is mainly because they are either concerned with the disruption it may cause or in a lot of cases, they don’t even know what it is or how it can help them.

Digital document management is a modern way of handling all of your company’s documents on computer systems. This can either be on your computer’s actual hard-drive, over a shared network or via cloud hosting. Digital document management is known and integrated because of its strong reputation with improving efficiency in the workplace as well as saving capital and space within the office itself.

Digital document management is usually brought in by companies that are dissatisfied with their current document management system or those who just want to improve the way they operate, usually needing to get their paper-based documents converted to suit the new system in the process. Often bulk document scanning companies will become involved in order to scan and digitise the paper documents. The documents can also be usually made to be totally text-searchable thanks to OCR technology and software and the documents are almost always indexed, a process where the scanned files are named after particular elements of the document which will make it easier to find once within the document management system, such as a client name, address or reference number.

Once a digital document management system is in place, staff are able to search for and find documents on their computer rather than having to go through filing cabinets and drawers in order to find particular documents and references. This leads to an improvement in efficiency because of the time saved in going through these processes which means more work can be done in the working day than usual.

As well as this having a digital system leads to a number of other benefits such as space saved thanks to the paper documents becoming obsolete, environmental issues such as less ink and paper consumption, plus extended cost savings on document storage if your company is using such a service. Going digital also brings forth the opportunity to live a life within business without paper which has been termed ‘the paperless office’. This means that, for the most part, you can live without the need for paper.

Although some integrate digital document management as a way to improve efficiency around the business, others integrate to keep up with the latest technology as this can be very important for some companies, particularly in the world of technological innovation, either for showing their green credentials or for showing how they are always keeping up to date, or both.

Digital document management is also at a point right now where it is accessible for more than just the larger corporations. For the most part, the software is made to be as simple to use as possible which makes it easier for more people to accept and work with the system, whereas prior to around 5 years ago, the software was difficult to use and very technical.


Get Help With Condo Management

Whether you own a single condo or multiple buildings of condominiums, renting out the condo spaces can be a great option for bringing in passive income and for letting tenants pay down your mortgage. Renting out a condo can be a good way to keep the space while you wait for it to appreciate in value, and can be a wise investment alternative due to the uncertainties of the stock market.

While renting has many perks and benefits, however, it has one major downside: you need to deal with the logistics of being a landlord. There are a huge variety of different responsibilities that go along with renting out a condo and those responsibilities only grow when you have multiple units to rent out. The responsibilities associated with condo rentals are one reason why many people are reluctant to enter into the market of renting properties. Unfortunately, people miss out on great opportunities because of their hesitation in dealing with managing condos- and it isn’t necessary to miss out because help is available.

How to Get Help With Condo Management

Those who want to rent out condo space without having to worry about the day-to-day aspects of managing tenants and rental properties can get professional help. There are property management companies who specialize in all types of rental properties, including companies that specialize in managing multi-family real estate and condo rentals.

When you work with a professional who has experience in condo management, the professional property management company can handle all of the legal, financial and procedural issues associated with renting. The company, for example, can help you to:

• Advertise vacancies and find tenants for the property
• Set the appropriate rental amount given the costs of operating the condo/building and the going market rate
• Interview perspective tenants and run background checks
• Facilitate the signing of leases
• Collect rent from tenants
• Deal with tenant complaints
• Deal with maintenance issues
• Recommend ongoing repairs and upgrades to keep the property in good shape and to prevent big maintenance problems from developing
• Address problems such as non-payment of rent and work through the legal steps of the eviction process

These are just a few of the many different types of assistance provided by condo management companies. Condos also have special rules/regulations in many cases and the condo building may have a board or association. Property management companies who specialize in condo management and multi-family real estate can deal with the logistical issues raised by the interaction of renters with condo rules/condo boards.

Property management companies are experts in what they do, and they know and understand how to make your condo rental or condo units profitable. It always pays to turn to the professionals to handle complicated and time-consuming tasks and successful property management is one of the areas where a professional can help the most.

To learn more about how you can get help with condo management or about the benefits of having your condo space professionally managed, get in touch with an experienced property management agency who specializes in multi-family real estate units.